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  • LUBBOCK | 10901 S. UNIVERSITY AVE. | (806) 795-5579
    LUBBOCK EXPRESS | 2668 34TH ST. | (806) 795-5680
    AMARILLO | 7663 CANYON DRIVE | (806) 352-2739

  • LUBBOCK | 10901 S. UNIVERSITY AVE. | (806) 795-5579
    LUBBOCK EXPRESS | 2668 34TH ST. | (806) 795-5680
    AMARILLO | 7663 CANYON DRIVE | (806) 352-2739



Brass Instruments for the Beginner and Advanced Student

French Horn

Thousands of soaring and emotion-soaked melodies can be attributed to the French horn. The horn is a unique instrument among the brass family in that its bell faces backwards. This creates the effect of making the sound seem as if it’s far away – perfect for romantic visions and possibilities of what’s to come.

Unlike other brass instruments, the French horn is played with the left hand to create individual notes. Many marching bands use mellophones instead of French horn, which have a “bell front” configuration and the same fingering and pitching as a French horn. We offer models from the following brands:

• Conn • Holton • Yamaha • Jupiter • Besson • Bach


Trombone literally means “big trumpet” and is essentially just that. The trombone provides bright and fully expressive tones. The trombone’s voice is a rich tenor voice that extends an octave or two below the trumpet. Containing a full-bodied sound that blends well with other instruments, this makes the trombone popular amongst bands and orchestras across the world.

Due to the unique way in which notes are formed, the trombone can be a challenging instrument for beginners. Unlike other brass instruments, the trombone changes notes not by valves but by slides. The slide is similar to the slide tuning on a trumpet but functions on a much grander scale.

Jent’s offers brands of trombones for all skill levels including:

• Besson • Getzen • Blessing • Jupiter • Conn • King • Bach
• Holton • Dynasty • Kanstul • Weril • Yamaha

The trumpet is the centerpiece of any good jazz band or classical orchestra. With everything from rich, jazzy melodies to piercing fanfares, trumpets express a bountiful and beautiful sound that declares them as the star of the show.

The cornet is a similar instrument. The trumpet and the cornet are in the same key, but the cornet provides a mellower sound that is somewhat easier to play. As a result, many beginning students choose a cornet and later turn to the trumpet.

Trumpets are played by shaping the lips to fit a solid mouthpiece. Notes are altered via a series of these three valves which are in turn controlled by the right hand. Proper tuning is then accomplished by adjusting the length of the tubing that comprises the body of the instrument. At Jent’s, we are proud to carry a wide variety of cornets and trumpets that span many different keys and skill levels. We carry the following brands:

• Besson • Getzen • Blessing • Jupiter • Conn • King • Benge • Selmer • Bach
• Holton • Martin • Dynasty • Kanstul • Cannonball • Weril • Yamaha

 Low Brass
Low brass is an important category for any band or orchestra. The euphonium or baritone and the tuba often provide the deep bass voice that helps to keep a steady beat – vital for the pulse of any ensemble.

Although the euphonium is most commonly known as a baritone, it is typically used for harmony but also functions as a solo instrument. It has the same pitch as a trombone but is played like a trumpet with valves pushed to form notes.

The tuba or sousaphone is one of the largest instruments in the band or orchestra and has the lowest pitch of all the instruments. Horns provide deep and booming tones that are regularly utilized by composers to keep the beat for the rest of the band. Thus these are two of the most important instruments for a band.

Jent’s is proud to offer low brass instruments for all skill levels from the following brands:

• Besson • Getzen • Jupiter • Conn • King • Bach • Holton • Dynasty
• Kanstul • Willson • Weril • Yamaha 

• Besson • Jupiter • Conn • King • Bach • Holton • Dynasty
• St. Petersburg • Weril • Yamaha • Meint Wesson

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